Established by Rene Ramillion in 1952, where the name ‘Moncler’ derived from the French Alpine town of Monestier-de-Clermont Rene was initially concentrating on the functionality of Ski wear and it’s accessories. Moncler quickly revolutionized ski wear beginning with quilted, down sleeping bags and other useful accessories for workers to use whilst out on the slopes. Rene developed expertise in building garments that could withstand the harshest elements awarding Moncler with its core design function to build from. Combined with its French, Italian characteristics Rene connected the functionality with incredibly pleasing fabrics and materials. Paying homage to the homeland the colours used give off a patriotic aesthetic and stamps its position in the world of fashion. More Recently Moncler has become associated with high end fashion, comparable to the likes of Stone Island It’s established a loyal customer base outside of it’s functional use becoming one of the most sought after, desirable brands. Shop our full collection at David James Kerr in Belfast or alternatively shop below.

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