Announcing: Givenchy

At David James Kerr, we are proud to announce the arrival of one of the most exclusive Parisian menswear brands Givenchy to our repertoire.

Likewise, with Valentino, we are proud to offer Givenchy to our loyal customers. The transition in to the luxury menswear market is something the team at David James Kerr have been anticipating for the last 12 months. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer luxury menswear to not only the people of Belfast, but the whole of the world. We are fortunate to be in the position that we can use our platform to educate our customers on these brands, alongside providing luxury goods.

Givenchy have cemented their menswear collections as forerunners in the world of luxury designer clothing. Since 2017, they have revisited old archives to present bold prints, heavy branding and most notably, the Givenchy ‘4G’ design which has been re-invented and modernised for present time. What you can expect from Givenchy at David James Kerr – monochromatic designs, heavy use of their famous emblem and discreet colour detailing.  Givenchy are known for their down-to-earth approach to luxury menswear, they marry their high-end aesthetic with simple shapes and styles making the brand popular with the 21st century man.

We are launching Givenchy at David James Kerr with a range of products that we are sure you’ll love. The Givenchy’s Urban Street footwear range has been one of the most talked about collections of luxury footwear from the last year. Our Givenchy mens collection ranges from graphic hoodies and sweatshirts perfect for daywear, to smart printed polo-shirts to wear out at night.

Shop the Givenchy at David James Kerr collection here.

  • Apr 05, 2019
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